We are Zumaeta Group
A Marketing, Storytelling & Experience Design Company
At Zumaeta Group, we help businesses narrow their focus, clarify their message, and get customers for life. 

We are Zumaeta Group
A Marketing, Storytelling & Experience Design Company
At Zumaeta Group, we do storytelling & customer experience workshops and training for sales & marketing teams so they can narrow their focus, clarify their message, and get customers for life.
Establish a position only you can own.

Develop the BIG IDEA.

Stuck in the sea of sameness? We work with brands to develop a differentiated market position that separates them from the pack.

  • Articulate a clear and defensible market position that puts your brand in a category of one. 
  • Use positioning strategy to find and fill a high value hole in the market.
  • Develop your brand's archetype to establish your unique point of view.
  • ​Use Hero Centered Design principles to build a brand story that puts your customer at the center.
  • Participate in workshops and interviews to decode how you generate value.

Codify your brand language.

It's hard to find the words that that communicate your unique benefit to your market. We develop key messages and brand language that are uniquely yours and defy comparison and copycats.

  • Develop your unique messaging pillars that drive all of your content and communications.
  • Articulate your position's differentiated communication style.
  • Develop a your brand's hook & elevator speech - that one sentence that declares the problem you solve.

Align the brand expression.

Why does everyone's website look the same? Laziness mostly. We help companies envision how you can break from the pack with words and images that spark the imagination with a view of what life could look like when buyers engage with you.

  • Reimagine your home page with with your new message and voice.
  • Tell your story in words and images that make it come alive.
  • Communicate your unique, defensible and irresistible position in a way that will resonate with your prospects instantly.
Growth Comes From Giving Customers An Experience They Love.
It Begins With A Single Step.
We're so convinced that our Marketing Canvas process works, that we guarantee it
Clarify your message to captivate and keep customers for life.  
In this intensive 2-day experience, we gather your leadership team to deconstruct the strategic underpinnings of the business. We discover how “what you do” serves your customers . . . and how understanding their functional and emotional needs unlocks the strategies & tactics that will pull them closer, and serve them in a way that retains and grows your customer base.
  • ​ Zero in on your customers' intrinsic needs
  • ​Align your value proposition to the customer's true wants and needs so they see clearly that your product or service is what they're looking for
  • ​Use Hero Centered Design principles to build a brand story that puts your customer at the center
  • ​Turn your strategy into actionable steps that will accelerate growth
  • ​Determine key metrics that will prove you're making progress
Why the Marketing Canvas® Works
Culture Trumps Strategy Every Time
By pulling your team together for the The Marketing Canvas® workshop, you enable co-development of the strategy. This exercise creates a powerful cultural moment that creates space for an entirely new understanding of what is possible for your brand and your company. 

By crafting stories, messages, and experiences that support your buyer's journey, we help shape your value proposition in a way they can't resist.

We help you leverage the right people, processes, and technology to design, lift and launch the marketing programs that will prove self-sustainable and deliver predictable results.
Build customer cultures that last.
Comprehensive Capabilities
We specialize in four things.

  • Strategy: 
  • ​  • Understanding your customer and their needs.
  • ​  • Putting them at the center of your brand story.
  • ​  • Guiding them on a journey to your solutions.
  • Brand Storytelling & Message Development: 
  • ​Words and images inspire and activate new behaviors. Whether it's a brand refresh, a new website, landing pages or ads . . . we'll tell your brand's story in a way that ignites action.
  • Program Management & Execution: 
  • ​A plan without the right action is worthless. We develop execution roadmaps and help you drive the work to completion.
  • Presentation Training, Coaching & Development:
    We train with corporate teams to design and develop presentations that 'get to the point' to spread ideas, drive decisions and close deals. More at Deckonomics.com.
Don't take our word for it. Let us tell you about how we've transformed companies large and small through our hero-centered design process that puts customer value delivery at the center of everything you do.
Whether your a big company or a small one, we know how to deliver. Schedule a call with us.
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